1. What documents should a driver carry when driving? +

• Driving license / Registration certificate
• Taxation Certificate
• Emission Test Certificate
• Insurance Certificate
• Fitness Certificate & Permit (incase of transport vehicles)

2. Who is authorized to collect the traffic fine on the spot?+

Any traffic branch officer of and above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police duly authorized with a receipt book.
If I don't have money to pay fine, what is the procedure? .
As per Sec.206 (2) of M.V.Act, 1988, if you decide not to pay spot fine, you will be issued a notice with instructions to appear in the court within a week. However, as security your DL in original will be kept in Police custody under acknowledgement.

3. I have recieved a notice from the Traffic Enforcement Automation Centre? What shall I do?+

You can pay the fine at the Enforcement Automation Centre, 13th Floor, Public Utility Building, MG. Road, Bangalore. or at any of the 39 Traffic Police Stations in Bangalroe city. You can also pay the fine at any of the Bangalore-One centers as per your convenience.

4. What is the rule regarding seat belts? Is it binding using seat belts while driving in interior areas or bylanes?+

The driver and the person seated in the front seat must wear the seat belts while vehicle is in motion (U/S 138 CMVR r/w 177 MVA).

5. What is the rule for use of mobile phone?+

As per section 250 (A) MMVR, r/w 177 M.V.Act, no driver while driving or riding a motor vehicle (including two wheelers) shall use a mobile phone.

6. Can other occupants of the motor vehicle use the mobile phone?+

Yes. Other than driver, occupants of the motor vehicle can use mobile phone

7. If I am a doctor can I use my mobile phone in an emergency while driving?+

No. Exemption is not given to any one in the M.V Act or Rules regarding this. You can stop the vehicle and then take the call.

8. What are the duties of a driver when his vehicle involved in an accident resulting in death injury to property?+

The duties are as under:

• Arrange for medical help Inform the police
• In case the vehicle is carrying dangerous goods, keep everyone away, avoid smoking in the vicinity and take emergency action as displayed on the vehicle.

9. Under what conditions is the towing of a vehicle allowed?+

Vehicle abandoned or left unattended or Parked in a parking restricted zone or Parked in a way causing inconvenience to other road user can be towed away.

10. What is the punishment for drunken driving/driving under the influence of any drug?+

If a driver is caught driving a vehicle with alcohol in his blood exceeding 30 mg per 100 ml or he is under the influence of a drug to such an extent that he is incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle, the following will be the punishments. First Offence: Imprisonment up to 6 months or fine up to Rs 2,000 or both Subsequent Offence: Imprisonment up to 2 years or fine up to Rs 3,000 or both.

11. When can the authorities detain a vehicle?+

Authorities can detain a vehicle in the following circumstances:

• Vehicle being driven by an individual without valid driving license
• Vehicle being driven without registration
• Transport vehicle being driven without Permit
• Vehicle being driven without payment of Tax

12. What are the consequences for driving without a license? +

You will be fined Rs.300/-

13. Is wearing helmet compulsory for Scooter and Motorcycle riders? +

Yes. Wearing helmet is compulsory. Violators will be charged U/sec.177 of M.V.Act-1988 for which fine is Rs.100/-

14. What are consequences of driving under the influence of liquor? +

If you are caught driving under the influence of liquor you will be issued a police notice for for the appearance in the Court. There is no provision of paying the fine on the spot. Moreover, you will not be allowed to continue to driving unless you have a partner who is not under the the influence of liquor and has a valid driving licence.

You will be advised to hire a cab leaving the vehicle in the police station under acknowledgement till you apear in the court and pay the fine. Your driving licence will also be kept with the police till the disposal of the case.

You are reminded that on repeat offence of driving under the influence of liquor, there is a provision for enhanced penalty and imprisonment. If you commit a fatal accident under the influence of liquor you could be booked under culpable homicide not amounting to murder which is a non-bailable offence.

15. What document am I expected to carry? +

You are expected to carry original driving license and insurance certificate. In addition transport vehicles like bus, taxi and auto rickshaws are expected to carry permit and fitness certificate. These documents should be produced for inspection if asked for by the police officer.

16. Can I avoid carrying all these documents? +

Yes. As per rule 87 (5) of Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, there is a provision of getting MASTER PASS for two/three/four wheelers from RTO which is a proof that the driver has all valid documents i.e. certificate of registration, taxation card, insurance certificate and driving license. In case one is carrying Master Pass he need not carry above documents. For transport vehicles like buses and lorry etc SPEED PASS can be obtained from RTO which is a proof that one has valid registration certificate, taxation card, fitness certificate, insurance certificate and permit etc. In case one is carrying Speed Pass he need not carry above documents.

17. Will policemen stop me for checking the documents? +

All the police officers have been clearly told not to stop the motorists merely for checking the documents. Only when the motorist has committed some traffic violations, he can be stopped, documents checked and penalized for non-possession. There are strict instructions against police men stopping the vehicles unless you commit some traffic violation.

18. Who can receive payment of spot fine? +

Only Asst. Sub-Inspector (one star), Police Sub-Inspector (two star) and Police Inspector (three star) are authorized to receive payments against violation and issue a receipt. No Police Constable or head constable can issue a receipt and therefore receive a payment. They can however record the violations on the basis of which violation ticket will follow. This ticket can be settled at any of the traffic police stations or Bangalore-One center or on Bangalore Traffic Police website. Incase a Constable or Head Constable threatens you with spot fine, insist on getting receipt and the chances are that he will let you go because he is not authorized to issue a receipt or receive money.

19. What is the spot fine for drunken driving?+

There is no spot fine for drunken driving. In each of the drunken driving case, police notice is issued asking the person to appear before the court. Only court is empowered to impose the fine.

20. What happens if I don’t appear in the court?+

If you fail to appear in court, warrant will be issued from the court. This may lead to arrest and stiffer penalty.

21. What is the punishment for drunken driving? +

In the first instance there can be penalty up to Rs.3000/- which may extend to imprisonment in subsequent offence.

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