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Criminal Investigation Department

Vide Government Order No. HD 229 PEG 73 dated 15.04.1974 Corps of Detectives (COD) was established in the Criminal Investigation Department for investigating cases involving Economic and Financial Offences and major crimes which would require special knowledge of both law and investigation in order to achieve maximum results in detection of crimes and with a view to inspiring public confidence in the Police administration. Cases and enquiries are entrusted to CID by the Government, the Director General & Inspector General of Police, the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Hon’ble High Court for Investigation and enquiry.  The Corps of Detectives (COD) was rechristened to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) vide G.O. No. OE 127 COD 08 dated 03.06.2009. Criminal Investigation Department was Re-organized vide Govt. Order No. HD 04 POP 2013 dated 12.02.2013 as below.

The CID is presently working under the supervision and control of the Director General of Police, CID, Special Units & Economic offences who also exercises supervision and control of CID Forest Cell.

I- CID Wing

This wing is supervised by an ADGP / IGP and DIGP, CID and consist of the following divisions / units
1. Interpol Division
2. Technical Support Unit
3. Administration
4. Criminal Intelligence Units
5. Homicide & Burglary Division
6. Special Enquires Division
7. Anti-Human Trafficking Unit

II - Economic Offences Wing

1. Cyber Crime Division
2. Economic Offences Division
3. Financial Intelligence Unit
4. Counterfeit, Arms & Narcotic Division
5. Cyber Forensic Unit

Details of Cyber Crime Police Stations
a. A cyber crime cell was started at Corp of Detectives (Presently renamed as Criminal Investigation Department), Hqrs, Bangalore, to deal with Cyber related Crimes vide Govt., notification No.HD.173/POP/99, Dated:30/03/2000.Karnataka was the first state in the country to establish a dedicated Cyber Crime Cell to investigate the offences committed under the Information Technology Act 2000 & other laws.
b. Vide notification No. HD173/POP/99, Dated: 28/08/2001, the cyber crime cell was declared as a Cyber Crime Police Station. Vide Notification No. HD.173/POP/99, Dated:13/09/2001, the Cyber Crime  Police station was given Jurisdiction of the whole state of Karnataka in respect of offences committed under the Information Technology act 2000( Central act No.21 of 2000) or Offences related to the intellectual property right. Subsequently in suppression of Notification dated: 13/09/2001, The Cyber Crime Police Station was given Jurisdiction in respect of all the offences committed under the Information Technology Act 2000 (Central act No.21 of 2000) and laws relating to intellectual property rights and other related offences under any other law for the time being in force, committed in the course of same transaction.  The Cyber Crime Police station is located at the CID Annex building Carlton house, NO.01, Palace road, Bangalore 560001.
c. With a view to tackle Cyber related offences and to assist the local Police in solving crime related to the usage of modernized techniques committed by the criminals. Cyber Crime Police Station in each of the Police Range Hqrs i.e Bangalore/Mysore/ Dharwad/Gulbarga/Davanagere/Mangalore have been established vide G.O. No. HD93/POP/2013, Dated: 27/08/2013. The Jurisdiction of the Cyber Crime Police stations as mentioned below in respect of all the offences committed under the Information Technology Act 2000( Central Act No.21 of 2000 ) or offences relating to Intellectual Property Rights and other related offences under any other law  in the course of the same transaction.

d. The above Cyber Crime Police Stations are functioning with an officer of the rank of Dy.SP who is an SHO of the Police station assisted by Officers of the rank of PI/PSI/CHC/CPC/APC, who are under the overall control & supervision of an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Division of a Cadre Post of IPS supervised by the officer of the rank of DIGP, EO & ADGP, EO under the control of DGP, CID.

Capacity Building in Cybercrime Investigation:
CID, Karnataka received the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) Excellence Awards for building the capacity of law enforcement in dealing with the cyber crime investigation. The Deputy National Security Advisor, Govt. of India felicitated the CID in the awards ceremony held at Mumbai last year.

Cyber Crime Training Facility in Collaboration with NASSCOM-DSCI
CID has joined hands with DSCI-NASSCOM to setup a Cyber Crime & Cyber Forensics Training facility “Cyber Lab” to train the police officers in the areas of cyber crime investigation. The cyber lab housed in CID is acting as a regional hub for cyber crime training related activities in Karnataka. Till date the Cyber lab has trained over 6000 officers in basics of cyber crime investigation.

For Missing Persons / Missing Child and Child Track

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