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Simple Steps to Know the Status of Your Passport Application

1.Enter your Fifteen Digit Bar-Code file Number on the Above tab and submit, you can find the status of your Bangalore City Police Passport Verification.

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Bangalore City Police Passport Seva Kendra

The jurisdiction of the Police Commissionerate, Bangalore City has been divided into seven police divisions for administrative con-venience and there are 21 sub-divisions under which there are 102 police stations.

The seven police divisions are headed by an officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of police (D.C.P.). Each police division has three sub- divisions. The sub division is headed by an officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of police (A.C.P's) and the police sta-tions are headed by an officer of the rank of police inspector.

The names of the police divisions, sub-divisions and the police stations under them are as per the Flow Charts.

On-line submission of Passports by the applicant:

The passport applicant submits the application on-line and during the process, the applicant mentions his Personal Particulars, in-cluding the address for verification, period of stay and the name of the jurisdiction police station under which he/she resides and seeks an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra. He visits the PSK on the date of appointment allotted to him along with documents pertaining to residential proof and date of birth and pays the requisite fees during the interview.

The passport application of the applicant is assigned 15 digits Barcode file number, initiated and transmitted on-line to the office of the police commissioner, passport cell for causing police verification.

The on-line verification of Passport came in to effect from may- 2010 in Bangalore City. Till to date the number of passport applications received for police verification is as below.

2010 (May 2010 on wards) 2011 2012 2013 2014
78,608 1,81,530 1,99,916 2,02,303 1,06,323 as on 4TH AUGUST 2014

The Passport application so initiated are downloaded in the passport cell of the police commissioners office and the same is sent to the jurisdictional police station as furnished by the applicant in the Passport application via intranet.

Verification Process at Police station level:

The passport applications sent to the police station through intranet are downloaded and a hardcopy of the Personal Particulars form and the Pro-forma of Police Verification Report is obtained.

The verification officer goes through the column address for veri-fication in the Passport application and visits the address furnished for verification and contacts the applicant and verifies the residential address and age proof and compares the photograph of the applicant with the photo in the Personal Particulars form (P.P.F) and collects the copies of the residential address and birth proof along with 2 Passport photos. One he affixes on the Police Enquiry Report and the other in the passport register maintained in the police station and obtains signature of the applicant for having physically caused verification.

The following documents have to be produced by the passport applicant during verification by the police officer causing verification

(a) Proof of address (attach one of the following): Applicant's ration card, certificate from Employer of reputed compa-nies on letter head, water /telephone /electricity bill/statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order /Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse's passport copy, parent's passport copy in case of minors. (NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be ac-companied by one more proof of address out of the above cate-gories).
(b) Proof of Date of Birth (attach one of the following): Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths; Date of birth certificate from the school last attended by the applicant or any other recognized educational institution; or an Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating date/place of birth as per the specimen in ANNEXURE 'A' by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants.

N.B.: In the case of applicants born on or after 26.01.89, only Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or the Of-fice of the Registrar of Births & Deaths is acceptable.

The Verification officer goes through the police station records to find out Character and antecedents of the applicant and also generates a report on the basis of the name through police information technology (Police IT) or Crime Criminal Information System (C.C.I.S).

The questions in the Police Verification Report are ticked as "Yes" or "No" and the signature of the passport applicant is obtained Proforma.

Verification Process at Passport Cell, Police Commissioner's office:

The passport application received after verification is scrutinized and the verification data in the passport application is entered on-line and the digital signature of the A.C.P/D.C.P is affixed.

If the documents produced by the passport applicant is in conformity as per the information furnished in the Personal Particulars form by the applicant at the Passport Seva Kendra regarding the "Residential proof" and "Date of Birth proof", a clear report is up-loaded and transmitted on-line to the Regional passport office, Ban-galore, followed by hardcopy.

If the documents produced by the applicant is not in conformity as per the information in the Personal Particulars form, then an "Ad-verse" report is uploaded. Even a small error like Door No., Street name, block no., Name not as per the documents such as marks card, Voter ID card e.t.c. or applicant not physically present to compare the photograph in the personal particulars form and to sign the Police Verification Form & Police Station register, not producing the documents to support residential and age proof, proceedings pending in criminal court, convicted and sentenced to imprisonment of two years or more and court orders debarring applicants departure overseas results in sending up "Adverse" report to the Regional Passport Office.

The passport applicant may contact the officers at the police division level for enquiry about police verification. The Phone numbers of all police stations are mentioned at Contacts (View Infopage)

Complaint of harassment or delay in verification process may be reported to any one of the below mentioned officers.

1) D.C.P of the concerned division
2) A.C.P of the concerned sub-division
3) D.C.P. Intelligence, Bangalore City
4) A.C.P. (Admin) City special Branch, Bangalore City.
(Flow chart) showing the on-line receipt and dispatch of the passport application procedure.

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